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Lemon Pie

artisan mircrobakery

Hassan Shehryar Yasin

I'm a fan. I had the marinara with the pasta and qeema. So so delicious!

Anonymous Loafer

Customer reviews our bread:

The one thing that was missing in life in the East. You have CONQUERED. 

Anum Taufeeq

Customer reviews our roast beef with pesto:

it was excellent! Cooked to succulent, flavourful perfection! Thank you so much. 

Amina Raja

Thank you for the most divine cake and bread.


Mohsin Shafi

I just got to taste three of loaf's sauces at dinner and I luvvvvvved them. They tasted so fresh and authentic. Onion jam reminded me of my mother. Thank you. And bless you. Keep loafing and spreading the joy of taste.

10 year old customer

Father to child: so what do you think of the Strawberry tarts?

Child to father: I give it a 9 out of 10.

Father: why did you take off 1 point?

Child: I would have liked more strawberries...

Father says to us: 'tough crowd, so much for pleasing the food critics.'

Uzma Monnoo

Great crusty white bread, not at all stodgy or chewy, Thank you!! It made for great bruschetta. Loved the pesto sauce too, it was full of flavour and you did not scrimp on the ingredients so it taste like pesto really should.

Uwe Glücklich 

Those of you who are travelling here with us since the beginning of our world tour with love know that we're always searching for people who live the power of life as much as possible. 

During out time in Lahore we met many wonderful people but most of all don't live their heart dreams! They just follow the dreams of others!

But we are very happy to be able to tell you about @loaf.the team! They are baking bread ad other magical delicacies full filled with all their love, you really can taste it in every piece they produce and every bite you take. We regularly eat their sourdough and love love love it! it will fully change your life if you try it once! I am sure you will already think about getting the next before this one ill be finished! 

For us it tastes like home and we feel so much wonderful after enjoying it, not only because of the incredible taste, also because of the healthy digestive effect! It just feel like wellness for your belly!

We think every Lahori should know them and taste their magical love full food! Our personal happiness is that lots of their products are vegan!

Dear Loaf Team, we like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, that you are how you are and spread so much happiness in Lahore!

We loaf you so so much!!!!!

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Sourdough Bread


Gourmet Sandwiches


Handmade Pasta

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  • Image by Quino Al


In Lahore, bread in its truest form proved difficult to find and so began our journey at the Loaf. What we wanted was simple: to produce bread that tastes, smells and looks good and is also easy on the stomach as real bread ought to be. 


To achieve our goal we needed quality ingredients, trained bakers and quite simply a love of bread. We already have oodles of the latter so we started to search, train, test and try until we finally had the perfect blend. 


We think there's something magical about crafting a loaf of bread, or taking simple ingredients and turning them into your favourite dishes. As an artisan bakery we take special care to craft each loaf with love and care so you may enjoy every single bite as much as your first. 



At our bakery you can choose from a range of thoughtfully created bread, freshly-made pastries and sandwiches, or a number of cakes to complement your cup of afternoon tea. The loaf also offers a selection of house-made condiments to use at home, or bring as presents for your host's next tea party.

Baked Goods


You can always count on us to care for your dietary needs.

We not only make gluten free bread and pasta, we would in fact love the opportunity to create products based on your requirements. 


Sans dairy, sand egg, sans cane sugar! 
Our vegan products are as you'd 
expect 100% animal product free! In fact we can even replace regular sugar with cane sugar! 
Let us know what your dietary constraints are and we'll tweak the recipe to make your gut happy!

Jump start your afternoon with a freshly prepared gourmet sandwich​


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