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In Lahore, bread in its truest form proved difficult to find and so began our journey at the Loaf. What we wanted was simple: to produce bread that tastes, smells and looks good and is also easy on the stomach as real bread ought to be


To achieve our goal we needed quality ingredients, trained bakers and quite simply a love of bread. We already have oodles of the latter so we started to search, train, test and try until we finally had the perfect blend. 


We think there's something magical about crafting a loaf of bread, or taking simple ingredients and turning them into your favourite dishes. As an artisan bakery we take special care to craft each loaf with love and care so you may enjoy every single bite as much as your first. 

Our Products

At our bakery you can choose from a range of thoughtfully created bread, freshly-made pastries and sandwiches, or a number of cakes to complement your cup of afternoon tea. The loaf also offers a selection of house-made condiments to use at home, or bring as presents for your host's next tea party. 

strawberry tarts


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